Office Visits

Initial Exam

At the first appointment, we begin by taking photographs and performing an exam that allows us to get acquainted and determine the nature of the orthodontic problem.

Please review our Privacy Policy before your first visit.

If orthodontic treatment is indicated, further diagnostic records may be needed.

If orthodontic treatment is indicated, further diagnostic records may be taken. These include:

  • X-rays that show the relative position of the teeth and jaws
  • An accurate set of digital or plaster models of the teeth and surrounding structures

Our digital scanners are steadily replacing alginate impressions, because they create high-quality digital impressions in life-like colours.

On the premises, we have the very latest digital X-ray machine for taking orthodontic X-rays. It entails a minimal X-ray dosage and offers the convenience of getting done in-house. The images are much clearer than normal film X-rays.

If possible, we will evaluate the records at your first visit, explain to you the nature and extent of the diagnosed problem, and design a treatment plan based on all the information gathered. Objectives, methods, and duration will be clearly outlined.

We provide a written quote and then agree upon a mutually satisfactory financial arrangement. More complex cases may require subsequent appointments for completion of records and adequate time for evaluation and discussion.

There is a small fee for an initial consultation for your first visit, as well as a fee if full orthodontic records are required. For subsequent family members, a lower courtesy fee applies for an initial consultation. These fees are detailed in a letter that is sent out to you before your first visit to our practice. If you are a member of a private health fund, be sure to contact them to determine the benefits available to you before treatment begins.

After the initial appointments to develop a treatment plan, we’ll be ready to schedule appointments to place any new appliances (braces, expanders, etc.). Placement of appliances usually takes one to two hours.

After that, you will see us at regular intervals four to eight weeks apart for adjustments, which may take up to about 30 minutes. Patients are seen by appointment only. We make every effort to be on time for our patients and ask that you extend the same courtesy to us. If you cannot keep an appointment, please notify us immediately.

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