Early Orthodontic Treatment

Best time to treat

At Riversdale Orthodontics, we treat some children in the deciduous dentition (baby teeth) stage, some as soon as all permanent teeth erupt, some not till growth is complete, and some at various stages in between. Timing of treatment is one of the most important factors when considering early treatment.

We are happy to see a patient as soon as the referring dentist or parent has identified a problem. There is no age when it is too late to have orthodontic treatment, as long as the mouth and teeth are healthy. We have successfully helped people in their 60s and 70s, as well as many younger adults.

Benefits of early treatment

The early diagnosis and treatment of an incorrect bite or crowded or misplaced teeth may give us the opportunity to improve growth direction and minimise the severity of a developing problem. This can reduce the length and difficulty of any subsequent treatment. Our experience has taught us when early intervention will help a child's development, and when it is better to wait for more growth to occur.

We use scientifically accepted techniques developed during our many years of involvement with specialty orthodontics and education. Some of our techniques aim to improve the growth of the jaws, while others help guide the teeth into better position.

Need for further treatment later?

In most cases where early treatment is needed, some further treatment with braces is still advisable when all permanent teeth have come into the mouth. Occasionally the early treatment is all that is required. Generally the early treatment has made the final phase of orthodontics easier and more successful.

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