Chalky Teeth


We understand Chalky Teeth

Here at Riversdale Orthodontics, we are especially aware of the problems associated with chalky teeth, and stop at nothing to ensure best levels of care. We respect that special considerations need to be made not just for the dental treatments we apply, but also for the way we interact with our affected children and families.

As orthodontists, we work with your child’s paediatric or general dentist to determine the best plan for their chalky teeth, taking into account the type of bite and many other factors. We understand that chalky teeth often incur higher costs and so encourage discussion about financial solutions that work well for you.

We keep up-to-date on Chalky Teeth (D3s)

To keep up with the latest information, we belong to The D3 Group whose mission is ‘Better understanding and care of people with chalky teeth’. This Australasia-based network brings together interested dental professionals, doctors, scientists, and health care companies to share knowledge, discuss research needs, and formulate best standards of care and education.

The D3 Group has a special interest in chalky molars (‘Molar Hypomin’), a disturbingly common problem that affects about one in six school children worldwide. And in case you’re wondering, ‘D3’ is just another way of saying Developmental Dental Defects (DDD), which is the technical term for chalky teeth.

Helping you learn about chalky teeth

To assist your learning about chalky teeth, our practice makes available the full range of educational resources produced by The D3 Group. These include some really cool stickers and an easy-to-understand storybook made especially for children with Molar Hypomin.

For those of you wanting to learn more about Molar Hypomin and other types of chalky teeth, we recommend you visit the Chalky Teeth Campaign website.

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