Meet Dr. Alwyn Wong

I love what I do and consider myself blessed to have a profession and career that I truly enjoy. Working with patients to transform their smiles is a joy and privilege. To change, for the better, how a patient feels about their smile is indescribably rewarding. I never tire of seeing our patient's happiness when they see their new smiles. This is particularly true of our younger patients, when they are at an age where self-confidence is particularly important. 

Education and Continuing Education

I graduated from the University of Melbourne Dental School first in dentistry with honours, followed by a three-year specialty degree in orthodontics, during which I received the Sam Bulkley Rocky Mountain Travelling Fellowship.

Upon completing my orthodontic education here in Australia, I undertook further training to acquire international experience. I was fortunate to have been a traveling fellow at the University of Michigan (orthodontics department) and New York University Hospital (craniofacial unit), and lectured at both these institutions and the University of Florence, Italy.

Education never ends, however. There are always new developments. Keeping abreast of the latest scientific and technological advances in my field ensures that my patients receive the very best possible care. Every patient deserves world-class orthodontic treatment that is contemporary and progressive, and I strive for perfection with each and every patient.

As part of my continuing studies, I take courses and seminars through the Australian Society of Orthodontists, World Federation of Orthodontists, and American Association of Orthodontists. I am involved in the undergraduate dental teaching programs at the University of Melbourne and La Trobe University to ensure that future graduating dentists are kept up to date in the field of orthodontics. 

In the Practice

I had a great relationship with my childhood orthodontist, who was a positive role model for me. He played a part in my decision to become a dentist and eventually an orthodontist, a move I am grateful for each day at work. I delight in having the chance to give patients a new smile they will enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Being an orthodontist means being part of our community, and I really enjoy the opportunity to get to know our patients and their families personally.

I know that everyone comes to me for the ideal smile, but their experience is also important. Our practice is a wonderful, warm place where patients can feel right at home whilst acquiring a beautiful smile. I am proud of our talented team, and I know that everyone here works hard for our patients’ health and happiness. Our highly proficient staff are efficient in their roles, which is extremely valuable in our team efforts to provide high-quality orthodontics.

Family and Community

I grew up in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and currently reside in Mont Albert. My wife Sherilynn and I have two young sons. 2017 is an exciting year for our family with our eldest commencing primary education. Outside of the practice I enjoy keeping fit, mountain biking and spending time in the good company of family and friends.

The Oxfam 100km charity walk is something I always enjoy participating in when life permits. I am actively involved in supporting particualr projects for those in need both locally and abroad. There are so many others less fortunate than us and we are thankful that in some small way, we are able to help them. 

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